◆On foot from central gate of JR Shinagawa Station (23 min.)

①Exit from central gate of JR Shinagawa station.
Use an escarater of Takanawa exit (west exit) to go down to taxi stand.
There will find Daiichi-Keihin street, then go left.

②Go past “Shinatatsu-Ramen street” and walk to a
Y-junction, then cross the crosswalk and go left way.

③Walk for a while and there will be a crosswalk without sign.
Cross it and go right.Go over a railroad track and
walk about 10 minutes along the street until a big intersection.

④Cross the intersection and go a street between “abura-soba”
(ramen restaurant) on left side and “Cleaning Value” on the other side.
Go over a bridge and go straight.

⑤There will be a small park with a pine tree and benches
on right side and on the other side,
there is our shop with red curtains.