In a special day,
for the one who you love,
for yourself who you love.


to share happiness with hearts

A city where “select” locates, used to be called Shinagawa-juku,
has prospered for its position of first stage of the Fifty-three
Stages on Tokaido and for active logistics form an early age.

In Edo-era, there passed many Bushi(samurai-warrior) and
Daimyo(feudal lord) for Sankinkotai,
or alternate attendance duty under the Edo-Shogunate.
It led a lot of trippers and various products come and pass.
There were not only official delegates,
but also tourists for enjoy the lively city.

Wishing to feel the memories of trip with dear.

With this wish,
the cutting-edge technology that Japan creates,
the commitments that make Japan unique,
and the tradition that handed down from old times in Japan,
people wanted to transform these into souvenirs to present.

This wish stays still today.

Japanese unique culture that people share
their hearts to respect “Wa”,
harmony among people.
“Wa” and “Miyage”, means souvenir,
what these two have generated is


Preserving memories in souvenirs to share
each other and to present each other.
We want to deliver this Japanese traditional culture of
Miyage to the world.

We as a shop “select” are waiting for you
providing your special Wamiyage.

select, who brings the one and only Japan